Fresh Pasta


  • 300g Four Roses plain flour
  • 3 free range eggs


To make the dough place flour in the food processor and while motor is running add eggs.  Process until dough forms a ball (not sticky).  If too dry add extra egg or yolk. Tip onto lightly floured bench top and knead until you have smooth and elastic dough, then wrap in plastic wrap and place in refrigerator for 1 hour.

Rolling out pasta

Clear your work surface and make sure it is dry.  Divide dough into half. Dust work bench with some flour and press out pieces of dough to form a rectangle.  If using pasta machine set to the widest setting and pass each piece of dough through.  If sticking dust with a little extra flour.  Fold dough in 3, turn it 90 degrees then pass through a few more times.  If pasta sheets becomes too long for rolling cut into half. Change to next setting and pass through a few times and repeat process and work down the settings until you reach the thickness you desire. 

You can now cut pasta sheets either by attachments on pasta machine or simply use a knife to cut into ribbons.  Pasta dries out quickly so needs to be cooked as soon as possible if you are using it fresh.   You can alternatively dry pasta if you are not cooking it immediately.  To do this, hang the strips of pasta on a rack or on a piece of dowelling, making sure that the strips are not touching or dust with extra flour, portion and place in freezer in airtight container until needed

Fresh pasta cooks quicker than dried pasta and absorbs more salt from the cooking water than dried pasta so adjust levels while cooking depending on what you are using.